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No matter how many mobile companies come up with big storage phones, the space of your phone is still going to be filled up with photos, videos, music, and documents one day. If you have duplicates backed up to your cloud, the situation becomes worse.

You will run out of space sooner or later. Thankfully, Cloud Duplicate Finder is there to bring order into the chaos. It scans and deletes Google Drive  PDF duplicates from your cloud drive with speed and accuracy. This leads to freeing up storage space on your computer and phone as all the synced duplicate files also get deleted.

Cloud Duplicate Finder is easy, super-fast and secure. It scans your data by using the official API so you need not worry about data safety. It gets only the most basic access to your cloud data in a controlled environment.

You have to simply load up your cloud drive, select the folder(s) you want to scan and then click the Scan button. When you get the scan results, you can then choose if you want to automatically select which files you want to keep and the rest get deleted, or you can manually select the files.

Last, click the Select Action button and choose if you want to delete the duplicates or move them to a folder.

How to use the Cloud Duplicate Finder app?

Simply navigate to the Cloud Duplicate Finder website ( and create your account over there. Next, navigate to the scan area and select the cloud drive you want to scan. Cloud Duplicate Finder currently supports these cloud services:

  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3
  • Box Cloud

Next, click the Add New Drive button and enter the login credentials for your cloud account. You will have to agree to give your consent to Cloud Duplicate Finder accessing your cloud data by clicking the Allow button.

Once the folder structure for your cloud drive has been loaded up, select the folders you want to scan. Click the checkbox just before the cloud drive’s name if you want the entire drive to be scanned.

After scanning the duplicate items and reviewing them, you can either delete the duplicates or move them to your desired folder (not for Amazon S3 and Box). You can sort the files according to the file-types such as the Documents. In the Documents section, you can locate the PDF files and deduplicate them from your Google Drive online. 

Bring Back Deleted Files: You can quickly restore the deleted files from the Trash (except Amazon S3). Keep in mind, any files in your Google Drive account will be permanently lost after a 30 days period.

Cloud Duplicate Finder Specifications And Features:

The Cloud Duplicate Finder is a multi-functional duplicate finder. It can effectively remove documents synchronized to Macs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, cloud drives can be accessed from within the application.

It checks the cloud accounts one by one. The process to check files/ folders in Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, and Box is similar. For Amazon S3 Buckets, the CDF will let you use a new Bucket only when you eliminate the formerly added Bucket for scanning duplicate files. A duplicate photo finder is an advanced photo-detecting functionality.

It will find some images, but not accurate! It will look for the picture’s material rather than size. Presently, the similar photo finder for the cloud will detect similar images on OneDrive and GoogleDrive only. You can remove similar audio, videos, duplicate photos, compressed files, and other identical files! No password of a cloud drive is saved, and no file is stored to keep your privacy intact.


• It uses official APIs.

• 100% guaranteed and fast results.

• Searching duplicate files is easy and precise.

• Provides the option of ‘undo’ for emergency retrieval

• You can check the size of file creation of each file.

• Customer service is quick and vigilant

Does Cloud Duplicate Finder keep your PDF data and online payment secure?

Cloud Duplicate Finder app guarantees user data secrecy as it never attains the original contents of data. Your personal information and financial details will be 100% safe and sound. The Payment Processor of Cloud Duplicate Finder 2Checkout is legitimate and reliable.

Cloud Duplicate Finder is all about getting rid of unnecessary duplicate PDF files from the cloud. 

How to use it?

1. Choose your cloud service

Sign into cloud duplicate finder and select the cloud service

2. Scan the Data

Choose the desired area and start the scan

3. Select the similar files

Select the conclusion for the duplicate files you get.

4. Eradicate the Duplicates

Finally, delete the duplicates completely or transfer them to a different folder.

Eliminate duplicates

Once the cloud drive is loaded into the application, you can select more folders for scanning. There are two scan types, All Files and Custom Files. To run a scan, we look for duplicates of all kinds; simply leave the All files option selected. You will be seeing all the duplicate files laid out in a list form. After a scan concludes, you can check the size of file creation data for each file. Again, check the select duplicates option and choose what kind of file you want to keep from each similar group. Finally, click a particular action and hit permanent delete to purge the duplicates then and there from Google Drive.

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