During the Last Macos Upgrade or File Migration, Some of Your Files Couldn’t Be Moved to Their New Locations

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Recently, Mac users have been experiencing an error that has kept them confused. This error usually takes place when the user is moving files. As a result, a folder by the name “Relocated Items Folder” also appears on the desktop, which could not be seen before. Therefore, let us take a deeper look into the problem and discuss it from every angle possible to understand why it occurs.

About the Relocated Items Folder

The Relocated Items Folder is created during the upgrade process while two separate volumes are being created. During the process, some files are not able to be moved and this leads to the creation of the Relocated Items Folder. The Relocated Items Folder is located in the Shared Folder within the User Folder. You can access this folder via a shortcut available on the desktop as well. Furthermore, the Relocated Items Folder also includes a PDF folder containing information about these files.

What Are Relocated Items?

As mentioned previously, the Relocated Items Folder is created during the upgradation process. As a result, if your macOS is upgrading to Catalina, there are going to be some files from the previous installation that Apple is not sure of what to do. Apple for its Catalina has introduced a new File System that is designed for optimum flash storage and is used in macs. While upgrading to Catalina, the installation will take place on a dedicated read-only system called “Macintosh HD”. On the other hand, your files and data are stored in another volume called “Macintosh HD-Data”. The idea behind this process is to prevent or eliminate the chances of critical operating system files overwriting. Therefore, while the upgrade process was taking place, the data or files stored previously in the startup volume is now stored on the new Macintosh-HD Data Volume. As a result, Catalina might not be able to find a corresponding home for them. It is then that the Relocated Items Folder pops up. 

Can I Delete The Relocated Items Folder?

When it comes to deleting the relocated items’ folder, it is possible since the folder you see on the desktop is simply a shortcut, and deleting it would not harm the computer. Furthermore, you can delete the folder from its source as well as long as you go through the contents carefully to see if it contains anything important. The relocated items folder may also contain data belonging to third-party apps. In addition to that, if you recognize any custom configuration files, you might want to store them in case if needed in the future.

How To Delete The Relocated Items Folder?

Deleting the relocated items folder is the same as deleting any regular folder. However, there might be some files inside that resist deletion due to security permission. If that is the case, then you will need to disable the system integrity protection. The process involves rebooting your mac and using Terminal. If you are not aware of these things, we will suggest leaving the Relocated Items Folder where it is to avoid further complications.

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