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Twitter assigns a unique ID to each user, which can be found on their profile. This can be done manually or by using various online applications. Twitter IDs are useful for accessing information such as follower count and more.

Using Third-Party Websites:

Although Twitter no longer displays user IDs directly, third-party websites offer tools to find them:

1. What’s My Twitter ID:

  • Enter your username and click “Get ID” to quickly find your Twitter ID.
  • Website:

2. Find Twitter ID:

  • This tool provides information about usernames and followers. Enter your Username and click “Find numeric ID” to retrieve your unique Twitter ID.
  • Website:

3. Twitter ID Finder:

  • A free service available on Play Store, it shows user ID, account status, and follower count. Simply enter your username and click “Convert”.
  • Website:

Why Use User IDs?

Twitter IDs allow users to interact with APIs, track analytics, and enhance their Twitter experience by using their username instead of their ID.

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