How To Take Sensitive Content Off Twitter

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Twitter is a popular microblogging website used worldwide by people to share their views, ideas, and sentiments. However, with this freedom to express oneself comes the responsibility to keep a secure and friendly online community. 

Twitter has some rules and guidelines in place to regulate the content shared on its platform, but sometimes sensitive or offensive content can slip through the cracks. If you come across such content, knowing how to take it off Twitter is essential.

What Constitutes Sensitive Content on Twitter?

Similar to other social media platforms, Twitter gives voice to all kinds of opinions and allows publishing of various types of content. However, some of this content may be considered sensitive, rendering it unsuitable for everyone to view. On Twitter, sensitive material varies from certain topics to graphic images depicting violence, nudity and sexual activity, as well as aggressive or abusive behavior. Twitter introduced a sensitive media policy that enables people to change their privacy settings easily so that they are not exposed to such images if wanted.

Twitter’s Policy Regarding Sensitive Content

Twitter is dedicated to keeping its website secure and clear of sensitive material that is hurtful, malicious, or abusive to other people.

Below are some of Twitter’s key policies regarding sensitive content:

  • Sensitive Content

Twitter defines sensitive material as media containing violence, nudity, or other types of adult content that may not be appropriate for all users. Twitter’s sensitive content policy guarantees that this type of media is not shown to users who have not explicitly requested to see it.

  • Harmful/Malicious Content

Twitter users aren’t allowed to share material that is intended to harass, threaten, or hurt others. This involves, but is not restricted to, producing or distributing media that promotes self-harm, political violence, terrorism, or any other form of violence.

  • Hate Speech/Abusive Conduct

Twitter aims to prevent any attempts by users to create, disseminate or otherwise share content that may be deemed hateful, abusive, or discriminatory against individuals based on their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or any other characteristics that sets them apart.

Steps to Remove Sensitive Content from Twitter

Here are some steps to remove sensitive content from Twitter:

  1. Report the content to Twitter:

If you encounter a tweet containing sensitive or offensive content, the first step is to report it to Twitter. Choose ‘Report Tweet’ by clicking on the three dots from the upper right area of the tweet. Now, you will see some options as to why you are reporting the tweet. Choose the one that best defines the problem with the tweet and perform the instructions provided by Twitter.

  1. Block the user:

If the content is coming from a specific user, you can block them to prevent future interactions. To block someone, click the three dots from the upper right area of their profile page.

  1. Mute the user:

You can mute the user if the content is not necessarily offensive but you don’t want to see it on your timeline. Without blocking a user, muting them will take their tweets off of your feed. To mute someone, select the three dots in the upper right section of their profile page. Then click on ‘Mute’ from the options provided.

  1. Use Twitter’s sensitive content filter:

Twitter has a sensitive content filter that you can turn on to prevent sensitive content from appearing in your timeline. To activate this filter, choose Settings and Privacy then, select Privacy and Safety. The ‘Sensitive Content’ filter can be found there.

  1. Contact Twitter support:

If the content is particularly sensitive or offensive, and you are uncomfortable reporting it through the standard reporting process, you can contact Twitter support directly. Navigate to the ‘Help Center’ then click on ‘Contact Us’. From there, you can choose to file a complaint or get in touch with consumer service.

  1.     Remove Your Tweets Online

If you believe you tweeted something that is objectionable you can bulk delete tweets online using the Easy Tweet Deleter web-app.


Twitter is a safe place for users to communicate, share their ideas, and express themselves. To maintain its safety and security, we must be vigilant and take the necessary steps immediately. This can be done by reporting sensitive posts, blocking or muting users who are posting such content, enabling Twitter’s sensitive content filter settings for further protection or reaching out directly to Twitter support if needed. 

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