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Twitter’s Advanced Search is a treasure trove for professionals and amateurs alike to hunt for particular tweets and gain new customers. Instead of just allowing Twitter’s algorithm to display the tweets you see, grab power in your hands and search for tweets that are the most useful for you.

Ahead, we will show you how Twitter’s Advanced Search feature works as well as other tips to boost your research.

6 Sneaky Tactics to Search Twitter For Your Professional or Amateur Research

1.Create A Saved Search

Each Twitter account can have 25 searches that are stored in the drop-down menu. 

Saved searches are great for knowing relevant keywords, who is sharing your content, and your mentions.

In order to save a search, right-click on the three dots beside the search bar and then tap on Save this search.

2.Apply the Location Filter on Tweets

Are you curious to know who is discussing your company in a particular place? Then take advantage of the operators –  within: and near:. The latter is followed by the place name, such as geocode, city, postal code, or country. 

As for within:, it’s only followed by the distance. The default Twitter distance is 15 miles. If you want to search tweets about chicken wings in New York with a 20-mile limit, the search term would be: “Chicken wings near:New York within:20mi”.

3.Find Pictures and Videos Related to A Subject

The Twitter Home search bar and the Advanced Search, both are useful for searching images within Twitter. Simply choose Photos from the results page filters.

As for hunting videos on a subject, Twitter Search is really better than YouTube Search. To filter video searches, both the search bar on the Twitter homepage or Advanced Search are effective options. Just choose Videos from the results page filters.

Pro Tip: Easy Tweet Deleter is a useful web app to hunt for images and videos.

4.Search for Stuff You Think People Will Say

Listening is a must on social media for your professional life. By knowing what individuals are saying, one can grab potential customers within the target audience. Twitter Search isn’t the same as Google. While thinking of keywords to search for, think about how individuals converse with each other. Tweets are more conversational than Google search terms.

Here are some ways to type your Twitter search queries:

  • “ anyone recommend …?” and a keyword
  • “any advice on” and a keyword
  • “How do I …?”

For instance, imagine you run a sports apparel brand. You can search “Can anyone recommend” sports bras? After stumbling on people who could be your potential customers, connect with them, strike up a conversation, and build relationships before throwing your selling pitch.

5.Observe Sentiments about Rivals

Twitter Advanced Search provides the same results when you observe sentiments about your own business. It gives confidence to keep an eye on how your customers are talking about your rivals as well.

For instance, to discover how your rival’s customers feel about a particular subject, combine the search queries: “@brand 🙁 ”.

6.Get Results Only For Your Followed Accounts

Twitter’s landscape is ever-changing, which is why users often miss valuable content from the individuals they follow. Fortunately, Twitter Search enables you to filter tweets only from your ‘followed’ handles so that you never miss anything from them.

For instance, to know who among your followers is discussing SEO, you will enter “SEO” in the search bar and improve your search by choosing “People you follow” in the Search filters.

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