Privacy Policy

This page lays out the policies we have employed to safeguard your privacy while you use our state-of-the-art Easy Tweet Deleter service. Please keep visiting this page from time to time to stay updated about the latest protocols in place to ensure Easy Tweet Deleter is a safe and secure place for all of our esteemed clients.

The Information We Collect

We collect only the most necessary information that is required to register an account on our servers. We need this information to save each user as a unique entry in our database. The information which we collect includes the twitter handle, profile name, location, the total number of tweets, the total number of followers, the total number of users a person follows, and lastly the number of tweets they have liked.

That’s it. We believe in upholding the highest standards of transparency and clarity at every single stage of this web service. And we will always ensure these principles guide us as we continue to win the trust of more and more users at Easy Tweet Deleter with every passing day.

Safe & Secure Environment

We have been absolutely clear on this aspect right from scratch. We will be doing our level best by employing the most advanced and uber-sophisticated tools which will always ensure that the trust you have bestowed us with, is never breached come what may.

And this is exactly what we’ve replicated at every single stage of Easy Tweet Deleter. We’ve worked extremely hard to put in place security mechanisms that ensure there is no room at all for any rogue element to sneak through and indulge in any criminal act.

The padlock in the address bar is a major sign that this website has gone through extensive scrutiny as part of the Extended Validation SSL Certification process. These certificates mean that any information that is entered on this website is always encrypted for its safety, and thorough authentication is performed so that the information is only dispatched to the server it was meant for!


We at Easy Tweet Deleter do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any consequences that arise as a result of the actions you perform on this website. Even though we strive to maintain the highest possible degree of accuracy in every single aspect (minor or major) of the functionality of this web service, it's blog section (which contains content that is minutely vetted for technical, factual and language proficiency factors at all times), Easy Tweet Deleter cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs as a result of any actions that you opt to perform with Easy Tweet Deleter (the web service), and/or in accordance with the text published in the Blogs section of this website.

Viewers are advised that they should never construe any kind of information published on this website to be a GUARANTEE of any sorts. You must UNDERSTAND, and FULLY AGREE, without any conditions whatsoever, that any actions you perform on our website, you are doing so at YOUR OWN RISK!


This is the single most important part of it all. This is what keeps us growing, striving to be the best of the lot, and most importantly, to be clear-headed and well informed on what our users desire.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions that you’d like to be taken notice of, please feel free to email us at